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  • Knowledgable

    We have over 20 years of combined knowledge in the domain marketplace and are active in the domain community.

  • Account Manager

    Each client is assigned a dedicated account manager who will be on call throughout the process to answer any questions.

  • Proven Success

    We have been involved in more Australian domain sales than any other Australian agency. On average, we manage 400-plus sales a year

  • We Love Domains

    We have our hands and money invested in almost all areas of the domain industry from reselling to domain privacy.

Our Story

We align the worlds best brands with the worlds best domains

At Perfect Domain, we believe in the value of premium domains. Over the past three years we have helped brands acquire and sell hundreds of domain names both in Australia and internationally. Our experience in being a registrations and auction brokering gives us a deep and realistic understanding of the market and how your asset will be placed. A premium domain is a valuable asset and an important part of your digital strategy; that's why it's vital to use a domain agency to achieve the best results.

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Buying a Domain

Acquiring a new domain can be a tricky process. It is important to determine your budget limits based on a realistic market value. The Perfect Domain team has extensive experience and knowledge of past sales to advise. We also handle the delicate negotiation process as each step can have significant impact on the final purchase price of your domain.

Selling a Domain

We are actively involved in brokering three to four domain sales a day and our understanding of the process achieves the best results. We have an expert dedicated to each phase of the domain sale, including research, planning, marketing, negotiations, transfer and legal. In addition, we have an extensive database of investors who are always looking for new investments.

Valuing a Domain

Valuing a domain name requires a deep understanding of the market and an extensive knowledge of local and international sales. We track on a daily basis all public sales of local and international domain names and combine this knowledge with industry leading tools to generate a realistic valuation of your domain name.

What people say about US

Perfect Domain is a global Domain Agency passionate about being an industry leader and producing outstanding results.


One of the most difficult and complex tasks is valuing a domain asset. The golden rule is that a domain name is worth exactly what someone is willing to pay. Below are example of public sales which have taken place over the past 15 years which illustrate the potential range of for a premium domain name today.

About us

We live and breath domain names

Who we are

We are heavily invested in the domain industry. Please review some of our other projects above.

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We use leading technology solutions to power our research and marketing efforts.

Jonathan Horne (CEO/Founder)

Jonathan has been involved in the domain industry for over 12 years and has personally managed the acquisition and sale of over 500 domains. He founded Perfect Domain in 2014 due to an increase in demand for managed services around premium domain names. His personal portfolio of over 3,000 domains is a testament to his own investment and understanding of the market.

Perfect Domain carefully hand-craft solutions around your expectation and desired results.

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